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The dream to save German Shepherds began over 25 years ago. They are one of the most amazing breeds.  There comes a time when you can no longer stand by and watch the pain and suffering and not try to help.  You jump in with both feet to try to make a difference. And then, amazing things happen. You see these sad, broken dogs become happy, healthy, wonderful companions.  

What we do is very difficult, but it must be done.   I think the goal of every rescue person is that we are no longer needed - and every animal that comes into this world will have a wonderful home from the day they are born.

But until that day comes, our mission is simple: Save as many German shepherds as we can and place them in loving and appropriate homes where they will never know pain and suffering again.  We want to give them the wonderful life they should have had but were not given the chance.

We are a small organization that is foster based. We rescue dogs from a variety of places.  Shelters that are over crowded and have urgent need are our number one priority.  We will take owner surrenders when space is available.

We make the commitment to each and every animal to resolve any health or behavioral issues prior to adoption, and all dogs are vaccinated, spayed/neutered and heart worm tested and treated if they are positive.  All of this takes a great deal of money and we rely on the generosity of the public to help us do our work.

German Shepherd Dogs are not for everyone, and as long-time, multiple Shepherd owners ourselves, we are familiar with the type of home/family best suited for this breed. We also take into consideration that each dog is unique and has different needs and temperaments so we do our best to match the wants and desires of our adopters with the needs and requirements of our dogs.  We try  to ensure that both dog and family are happy with the placement. We do this through our application process which requires a home visit, vet reference check and personal reference checks.  We believe this process ensures we are placing our dogs in the homes best suited to them. 

We make a lifetime commitment to our placements.  If for any reason the adoption does not work out or there are life changes and people cannot have our dogs with them, we will take our dogs back.  The safety and happiness our dogs is our number one concern.

We invite you to share our journey.  Please donate or foster if you can. The dogs are depending on you.


Best wishes to all,

Donna J.

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