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Meet Savannah, a beautiful, super sweet German Shepherd. Savannah is about 6 years old and sadly those years have not been kind. She had been used for breeding. The owners eventually kept one of the puppies who grew up and would attack Savanna.  As usually happens, they kept the puppy in the house and Savannah was forced to live outside.  


Eventually her owners dumped her at a rural shelter in Georgia where her chances of adoption were slim to none.  She was there for quite some time because she became a staff favorite.   But eventually her time was up. We were sent a video and saw what a sweet girl she was and just could not let her die.


Despite all that Savannah has been through, she is loving and sweet.  She hasn’t met a person or dog she does’t like and showers everyone with kisses. You cannot have a bad day with her around!  She is very affectionate and especially enjoys belly rubs.


We are working on obedience training and she is very happy and willing to work for treats.  She loves taking walks and exploring new places.  She has medium energy and loves being in the house. She is a velcro dog and will follow you around everywhere you go.  Because of her past, she doesn’t like to be outside alone.  


Savannah is heartworm positive and will be undergoing treatment soon. She will also be spayed prior to adoption.


Savannah’s wish list:


*An experienced German Shepherd owner who is moderately active and enjoys training and socializing with their dog.

*A fenced in yard to run and play.

 *No children under 16 years old.


Savannah is an incredibly loving, sweet and playful girl.  If you have any questions, contact Donna at or fill out an online application

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